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Kristen Crouch is a Wilmington-based artist working out of Acme Art Studios.

Artists from "Omni" discuss the exhibition during a recent planning meeting.

Artists from “Omni” discuss the exhibition during a recent planning meeting.

I’ve been in Wilmington for two years now, my hometown and place I never thought I would call “home” again. Until recently, I wanted to be everywhere but here, doing bigger and better things. But a little bit of inspiration from old friends — along with new ones in Raleigh and Durham — was the spark I needed to turn my frustration into something positive.

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As a result, a collective of like minds was formed. And just a month after our first meeting, our inaugural project will open at Acme Art Studios during Wilmington’s Fourth Friday art walk: “Omni: An Interactive Art Experience.”

Omni, a root word that simply means “all,” is a collaborative exhibition that includes more than 20 participating creatives from various backgrounds and generations. Together we will transform Acme into an experience rarely felt in Wilmington using music, performance art pieces, video and sculpture installations plus 2D art. Almost every piece is interactive. Even the food is an integral part of the exhibition, which is inspired by the colors and energies that unite the show.

The audience presence is really what will bring “Omni” to life.

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What holds this show together is the group behind it and the conscious investigation of intention. We believe that as barriers are broken down, we become HUMAN with foundational human needs, desires and fears. With no other labels to define us, we are able to relate to each other in ways never thought possible. That is what “Omni” is all about: growth and finding unity as a human race and letting go of the things that hold us back from love.

“Omni: An Interactive Art Experience”
Acme Art Studios, 711 N 5th Ave, Wilmington
Fourth Friday reception: 6 to 10 p.m.; on view until July 15

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